The download files for GPTV is temporarily unavailable

Our hosting provider has deleted all the latest project files: 0.5 and even the previous version 0.41
Why? I asked them the same question, but they have replied: "CompanyName will never remove any of your website files"
Yeah, sure!

I have backup files but to be sure it is 100% clean, I prefer to reformat my computer and compile a clean executable files, it will take time (day or two).

GamepadTV 0.5 released

* Added GamepadTV Desktop - Shows your desktop icons. Now you can easily navigate between your favorite programs, execute them with your
controller, and select\favorite any custom or builtin profile for your games\programs.
* Fixed rare case when the program continue holding shift and ctrl buttons.

New version of GamepadTV relesed

I have released a new version of GamepadTV - 0.4.1
The major feature of this release is the ability to download new (or updated) profiles from our website. At the top of the page you can find "Profiles" window. After installing 0.4.1 version, you can click any of the available profiles, and it will add it to your GamepadTV (even when program is closed).

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GamepadTV 0.4 released

Version 0.4 release
* Fixed "edit menu" bug that prevented application from updating GamepadTV menu properly.
* Text input. You can type text into your clipboard by holding START and goto "TEXT", then just paste your text anywhere.

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New project release - MediaLog

MediaLog monitors your TV series, movies and other media. It remembers and summarize your watch time of every episode your computer played.

(this example shows that you have already watched Bates Motel episode nine)

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New version released - GamepadTV 0.3

Version 0.3 release
* Added web browser
* Executing programs from menu will no longer minimize your program after few seconds.
* You can now select program path without dragging its icon in "Edit menu" (Add program).
* Added an option to drag pictures from hard drive for the followng extensions: ".png"
* Added mouse boost when controlling mouse with RS or LS, with option to adjust its speed.
* Improved button responsivnes. You can now control keyboard and mouse with your xbox controller in video games. (click "Read the rest" for more changes and info)

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GamespadTV 0.2 released!

New version of GamepadTV has been released.
For changes, bug fixed and new features click "read the rest..."

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